Play online poker and win with folding

In poker, the number one cause of loss is not folding. The first and most basic skill in poker is folding. If you replied, “no duh! yea, I know that”, then we’ll see if it is true. This article is designed to help you become a successful poker player. What does it mean to be a “winning player in poker”? A player who consistently makes a profit is called a “winning poker player”.

Although anyone can win at poker, even for a brief time, that is not enough to make you a “winning poker player”. The “winning poker player”, at the end the week, has made money. They are now a month ahead. What’s different is that “winning poker players” don’t crash and burn. This article teaches you the fundamental skill of folding.

Most players overlook folding. They don’t know how to fold. They won’t fold. They find reasons they can play, even when they should be playing. They try to read minds, thinking and re-thinking. They think they can take pots after the hand is over with any two cards and play pure position games. They fear folding will make their opponents look weak. It deflates them. They think they’re poker geniuses. They are really action junkies. They are going be your new best friends because they will make your mortgage payments for your benefit.

People won’t fold if they just want to keep playing. They view each poker “session” as an event that has a beginning and a end. They want to play hands even if they play for just one hour. YOU, on other hand, will understand that your poker life is one big never ending poker session. If you can’t think of any scenarios, cards or situations where you should be playing, then you won’t sit down to poker for an entire hour. Once you’re done folding, you can turn off the computer to know that you have completed your task. Monopoly is a great game to have fun. It’s time for you to pick up a pen if you want to play winning Poker.

Take a pen, a piece of paper and a pencil. Then, write on the top “I ALWAYS FLOLD …”” and then the following. You must write it out. It’s pointless to just read it. It is best to write it twice, if you really want to get it into your mind. Write each hand and think about it.

If you don’t think you will fold one hand every time, then you should have a great reason. You also need to be able to devise a strategy that can be used in 15 different situations. You can also convince yourself that you will fold it every month for the next few months, while you are becoming a winning player. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can return it to your starting hand with purposeful action and a plan.

Always fold T8.


J8 is always folded.

Continue to write “I always fold” throughout the list. Although it doesn’t cover every hand of poker, it’s sufficient for what we are doing now. “Any numeric cards” and “Suited” are the two meanings of’s’. KQs is “King queen Suited”, whereas Ax is “Ace plus every numeric card”.

Here’s your list. UNPLAYABLE. You will not be playing these cards in any position, or any situation. If you do not, you are folding. The small blind folds. If you press the button, multiple limpers will be used to fold the buttons.

Before we move on, however, let me tell you something that should be obvious but might not. It is important to not let your hands get drawn when you check into a flip from the big blind. Let’s suppose you have 83 and the big blind comes to you unraised. You check and you get to see it for no extra money, “free”, if you wish. The flop comes in at 864. You now have the top pair. This hand is yours! Fold it. Don’t bet it. Don’t make a deal with it. Don’t call it.

You are probably losing your hand in these situations. You’re probably already defeated. It’s likely that you’ll be beat before the hand is over. You may flop a huge hand – you have 83 big blind and could see flops of K33, 883 or even 888. You will avoid much trouble if you remember that it does happen. You won’t be charged a penny if you play your weak flopped hand over its true value. This is what we will discuss when we speak about the blinds.

Did you realize that you had said “No way, this is not going to be folded in any ‘whatever’ circumstance”? You might also consider ATs and TJ. It’s possible that the number of hands you will always fold preflop is greater than you can bear. That’s OK! Stop reading. It is possible to be bored by this poker system that makes consistent profits. It’s not essential that it works consistently. This article is not for action-hungry people or those who are trying to prove they’re smart by playing poker.

More hands to play and more reasons to do so make bad players worse and worse players worse. This makes bad players even worse and makes sucky players worse. For the love of all things pure and holy, please understand this. All the books you have ever read, and all of the advice you have received from others who have read them, are based upon the same old concept of playing one table LIVE. It means that you are sitting at a table with only one person. The cards are being shuffled. You see about 35 hands an hour, if not more. Because you are live playing single table, you’re playing the maximum stakes to your bankroll.

This article describes the winning system. It was designed for multi-table play online. Instead of one table playing at $2/$4, there are four tables playing at $.5/$1. Instead of only seeing 35 hands per hour, you see 200 hands per hour. Instead of just playing at any table, you select the best tables to play your hand. Tables with large pots and passive preflop callers are what you want. Are you getting the idea?

For some situations, the hands you are most comfortable with might not be the best. This is a game where you can play multiple tables at once and make money for hours. This is an online poker game for 21st-century players. Yes, you can still play online poker for profit from the U.S.

Write 25 times for any reservations you might have about certain hands. “I always fold” is the right word. Each hand 25 times. Every time you play, remind yourself that you’re creating a new, disciplined game. A money-making game that will bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout your poker career.