Online casino cheats: How are they caught, how are they punished and how can your online casino guard against them?

Cheating is a sad fact of life and something which some people cannot resist. Although this cuts across all of gaming (as the rise in online video game cheating shows), it is particularly true when it comes to casino games. The rise of online casinos has been spectacular but has also attracted cybercriminals who try to cheat at games to steal money from iGaming providers.

Luckily, the industry is aware of this and has devoted itself to stopping these cheats in their tracks. But how do internet casinos do this, how are cheats punished and how can your iGaming site stay safe?

How are online casino cheats caught?

As you would expect, this mainly revolves around using cutting-edge software to monitor suspicious activity. iGaming platforms also employ human staff to operate this tech and analyze results. Any of the best NJ online casino sites will do this – with Resorts Casino being one. This awesome platform is well-known for having the best online security and being fully committed to weeding out cheats.

It should also be remembered that many individual casino sites are part of larger groups. This means that should someone be caught cheating at one site in the group, the other sites in this group will be told about them.

How are online casino cheats punished?

Once someone is suspected of cheating online at casino games, the first step is for the site itself to contact them and confirm if cheating has taken place. If so, the most likely punishment is that the player will be banned from the casino and from other casinos in the same group.

If there has been higher-level illegal activity going on (such as hacking into the casino platform to manipulate games), the casino may choose to pass the case onto the authorities. This could result in a large fine or jail time for the cheating player.

How can an online casino stay safe from cheats?

For an online casino operator, it goes without saying that guarding against cheats is vital. Along with things like slot game advertising, game selection and bonus packages, it is crucial. It will not only stop cheats stealing money but also keeps the platform fully secure. Investing resources into staff who can track suspicious activity on a site is also essential. In addition, it is also worth investing in software that can monitor games and alert the casino to any suspected cheating.

Online casino cheats never win

The amount of money that is involved in the iGaming sector means that cheats never win in the long term. Online casino sites simply have too much to lose if they were to let cheating players go about their business with impunity. When running an online casino site, it is necessary to have everything in place to stop cheats succeeding.